What is Zen Kitty Reviews?

Zen Kitty Reviews is an online platform loaded with information for cat owners. The site is here to assist you find both the best products for your kitty and provide you with helpful information to improve your cat’s health and happiness. We believe that both you and your cats deserve to find comfort and meaning in your lives.

Who runs the site?

My name is Anna! I’m a cat lover who wants to help.

Back in early 2018, my cat OJ (short for Orange Juice) got sick. He was showing symptoms of distress in his litter box, so I rushed him to the vet.

After a long, hectic, and honestly scary process, he was diagnosed with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), which manifests as urinary crystals.  The cause of this disease is unclear. But one of the recommended treatments, other than medication and diet, is creating a calm, happy environment for your kitty.

my cat OJ

OJ after coming home from the vet.

Basically, they recommend creating a place for your kitty to practice the art of zen.

And that’s how this site got its name! I want to show you the best products for your cats, so that they can live happy, healthy lives (all 9 of ’em!).

Other questions?

Head over to the “Contact Us” page to find out how you can reach out to us.

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